Amber (punkybroodster) wrote,

I went with Gina and Sarha to a concert on Sunday, it was really awesome, the bands towards the end of the night were pretty good, and Cay, Gina's friend, played earlier in the night, and he's really good, I was very impressed. Sarha's really cool too, shes more spaztic and energetic than I am, its fun! I really love hanging out with all of them, Gina, Cay, Sarha, Brian etc, they're so much fun. They really do make me happy. Yay for being happy. Last night we went to go see the day after tomorrow, which did have good effects I'll give them that, but the story really had no point/ending, it had a moral or a message, but they didn't do anything about it in the movie. Pointless really, and a waste of $6, but otherwise, it was great hanging out with everyone, it was a lot of fun.

Its my last week at the Icing, then I have to find another job. Fuck, I hate looking for jobs. I really want to move out soon, and I need to get a better paying job for that.

Hmmm, and nothing else to say, so yea.
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