Amber (punkybroodster) wrote,

So this has been a pretty fucking damn good week. Me and Gina are doing great (I think) we reached our 1 week anniversary on wed. morning, and here's to many more weeks! She makes me so happy, and I really hope that I make her happy too. I just love being around her, its just so great.

Yesterday was Sarha's birthday, and we all went to go get piercings. Gina got the middle of her lip pierced, I got the left side of my lip pierced, and Sarha got her eyebrow pierced, it was fun, let me tell ya! My lip swelled up a lot and bruised, and hell it bled as well! But let me tell ya, its cool. Not really. I also cut my hair really short, I like it though. Then I saw an old friend from highschool when we went to eat at Dennys, it was pretty cool.

I get paid again today, yay for getting paid. I need to pay bills. I think my grandma suspets that I'm gay, and just isn't saying anything. Shes been acting funny around me, but it could be me being hopeful yet paranoid, and hoping that she does know, yet sort of fearing it if that makes any sense, though I really really want her to know, and I will tell her soon. Its just going to suck cause shes not going to be easy around me and Gina anymore after I do tell her, and right now everything seems to be going great. My familys really going to freak when I do tell them, but theres nothing they can do about it cause theres no way I'm leaving gina, not at all.

And now its time to go eat, or something like that.

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