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So yea I came out to my family yesterday, it fucking EXPLODED in my face, I told my sister last night, and I stayed over at Gina's last night, this morning my mom calls saying something like she needs her key, and shes all we need to talk, and she pretty much told me that I couldn't be gay and crap, and she bitched about tons of other crazy random crap for like an hour, then she invited Gina (who was waiting in my car) in, and gave her a boat load of shit too, which really pissed me off, then continued to berate me in front of her about how wrong being gay is, and then she was like "Why can't you two just be friends? WHY?" So yea, it didn't go well, my telling my family. They're all horribly disgusted by it cause they all hate gays and think its wrong. Then she said I was easily impressionable, and that it was the music that I listen to that caused me to decide to follow an 'alternative' lifestyle. She said that she is the only exception to the rule of not becoming weird as in being gay or doing drugs while listening to the music we listen to.

So yea, I literally skyrocketed out of the closet last night. Go me. I'm going to be staying w/ Gina for a couple of days for things to kinda settle, and then I'll talk to my family. I have to find an apartment or something. I need to DO something. Yep.

Oh yea, I dyed my hair black too, and my mom says I'm ugly now, and that I look like Rosie O'Donnell, yay I rock.

The gay festival is this weekend downtown, yay.
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