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I like the way you cry!

This weekend was a really, really good weekend. We went camping on Saturday, and that night actually wasn't that great, cause I was in a crappy mood and was being mean to my friends, and shutting them out without even realizing it. I don't realize what I'm doing until some sort of attention is brought to it, and it sucks. People don't want to be around or with me because of it, so I totally need to get over it. And I will. I'm working on it.

But anyways, the second night, on the 4th, it was good. We went to Gina's uncles house, then we went and got Sarha and Cay, and some other random girl. We went to Brians and lit off a couple of fire crackers, and sat around till we left, then we went to the campsite and our fire wouldn't start for shit till we started throwing all of our trash on it, then it didn't want to go out, I sat up for quite awhile trying to get the stupid thing out. Then it rained again (it rained both nights, the first night was the worst cause we had puddles in the tent, and it was miserable), and it thundered/lightning-ed a lot. It scared me for some stupid reason, probably cause I was half asleep and outside. Blah. But otherwise, it was a good camping trip overall.

Yesterday, I came home and went to sleep, and Cay called me around 5 to see if I was going to this one concert at the Ranch Bowl, I didn't know any of the bands and wasn't feeling very well at all so I didn't feel like going at first, but I ended up going anyways, and the concert was AWESOME! It was a really great show with a load of hardcore bands, it was great. Me and these girls I've met but not hung out with, Kayleen and Tiffany got to the front of the stage where all the stage divers were, and I got knocked down twice during one song, and I got stepped on, its making quite an impressive bruise, and there's even like scratch marks where the kids shoe pushed off my arm. I got hit in the head literally 20 times, by the end of the night I have a massive headache and my vision was slightly blurry, but I must say, it was the best concert I've been to yet, and I had a hell of a lot of fun. My necks all sore today, and really my whole bodys pretty damn sore, but it was damn worth it.

Today: nothing. I really don't have anything planned yet, I'm at the library with Gina (yay!) and I don't know what I'm doing later. Thats all folks!
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