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Were living in a violent society

So this has been a fucking awesome week. Me and Gina got together on Tuesday night/morning, something like that. This makes me so unbelievably happy, you guys have no idea. I still can't believe she actually likes me and wanted to be with me, and it really makes me very happy, and I think it'll work. I really do. Very much yay for Gina and Amber!

Otherwise, nothing big has happened, we went to a concert friday night (i think) to see Barter the Trigger which is a really good local band, then we picked up Sarha and really didn't do anything after that, except eat at Godfathers and drive around. and I've been working and all that fun crap. Yesterday was supposed to be my last day at the Icing, but Sarah my manager talked me into staying for most of the month. Crappy. CRAPPY! hah. crappy is a funny word. there is a fish called crappy, but its spelled crappie. I strongly dislike fish, they're not cool creatures, except for little ornamental fish like I have. Which reminds me, I have to feed my frogs when I get home.

I need to clean out my basement so I can move down there soon. It'll be so nice down there, more privacy and stuff like that, I just really need to start working on it.
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