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We don't rest in peace, we just disappear.

Not too much going on right now, Gina's in philly, and I miss her a lot. Ah, well, I feel bad because she's lonely and all, but maybe it'll help her find herself, who she is? Being alone, you can discover more than when you have a lot of people around you all the time, especially people who are really close to you, you focus on those people a lot and don't look to yourself, I think. Yah.

Stayed over at Carlys last night, it was fun. I'm kinda sad, well not really sad as much as disappointed in my friend Tim, he is a decent guy, who wanted to wait till he was in love till he slept with a girl, but he's getting so much damn peer pressure that he's willing to just give it up so he doesn't get shit over it. And, he kids around about me and him making out, well I thought he was kidding since he knows I have a girlfriend, but turns out, he was serious. That bothers me, dang it. He told Carly that he wants to go far with me, far meaning all the way, because he and I are both virgins. It makes me mad, and kinda sad, that he's thinking like that, and that he thinks I would go for it. He thinks I flirt with him, maybe I do, but I have a really annoying flirty personality, I really don't mean to flirt, I honestly don't, but I do, and Carly told him that I'm not necissarily flirting with him, but thats the way I am, and he doesn't believe it. I hate this, because he's one of my good friends, and this could totally ruin a good friendship, you know? Stupid flirty personality...stupid peer pressure...stupid boys in general. And really, what makes him think after all this time, I would just cheat on Sarha and sleep with him. Come on. Bleh.

Sarha and I are happy. Very happy. :) I have a job, a good one overnights, and I really like it. Probably going to school in Philadelphia in January, for performing arts. Otherwise, nothing really going on. My social life, pure insanity. But I love it all, and I love them all.
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